Payroll Processing & Structuring


Job Descriptions

Employment Contracts

Salary Benchmarking

Dispute Resolution

Policies & Procedures Manuals

Performance Management Systems

HR Plans & Strategies



VAT, PAYE & Tax returns

Monthly Management Account & Analysis

Financial Statement Preparation

Independent Reviews

Company Secretarial Duties

Business Valuations

Funding Proposals


Graphic Design

Marketing Plans & Strategies

Advertising & Promotion

Website Design

Public Relations



Backup & Cloud Solutions

Disaster Recovery Solutions

ISP Services - Web Hosting, Mail Hosting, ADSL

Server & Operating System Solutions (Linux, Unix & Microsoft)

Hardware Sales

Network Solutions, Installations & Support (LAN & WAN)

Desktop Support (Linux & Microsoft)



The HR team is headed by Charmaine Pratt who has a Diploma in Human Resources Management.

Charmaine has over 21 years’ experience in HR related matters.

Charmaine’s experience includes job evaluations, creation of policy manuals and processes and payroll.

She joined the Sprout Consulting team in 2009 from SAA.




Kevin Watson is a Chartered Accountant (SA) and has an MBA from Edinburgh Business School.

He began his work career in 1990 as an articled clerk with Baker Tilly Chartered Accountants.

He later joined Shell Oil Company and worked for them in both South Africa and the USA eventually managing their Atlanta operation.

Kevin returned to South Africa in 2006 and assisted in the listing of a property development company on the JSE and in 2009 joined the Ivory Holdings team and set up what is now called Sprout Consulting.



Richard Grossi joined us in 2016.

He believes in empowering brands to reach their potential. His creative thinking and planning, to what may seem conventional brands, ensures that he is constantly on the lookout for new inspiration.

Although he firmly believe that no amount of studying can ‘teach’ passion, he attended the Red & Yellow school of advertising in Cape Town and then went on to complete an MBA in advanced marketing and strategy.He has been a curriculum developer and lecturer for the Nelson Metropolitan University and worked for one of the advertising giants #Network BBDO, where he headed up Distell and the I&J account.



Sprout Consulting owns a 30% stake in Y-IT which is ably run by Wyatt Rowe, a veteran of over 20 years in the IT industry and who founded the business over 10 years ago.

Y-IT has a team of 15 professionals who offer exceptional service and products to meet their client’s business needs.

Y-I.T. believes that SERVICE is the key to success in the I.T. industry and this is why they are passionate about serving Sprout clients with these high service levels.