Job Description: A Job description defines what an employee’s role and responsibilities are in the company, and what knowledge, skills, experience and qualities are required to do the job.

Why do we need a job description?

  • To safe guard the employer if the employee refuses to carry out a reasonable instruction from a supervisor and disciplinary action needs to be taken
  • Advises an employee what his responsibility levels are
  • It determines the salary that an employer would pay an employee (salary bench marking)
  • To give a recruitment agency a job description so that they have a spec to work from when finding a suitable candidate
  • To give to a new recruit or an employee who has been promoted or transferred into a different job
  • The basic ‘conditions of employment act’ requires that an employer give an employee a brief description of the job they are expected to do

Employment Contract: With the exception of employees who work less than 24 hours per month, every employer is required by law to give employees written details of employment.

Salary Benchmarking: Salary benchmarking is a costly exercise; we do not generally recommend it for employers with less than five employees. When salary benchmarking is done, it means that a company is benchmarked against other companies which are similar in size.