The goal of payroll processing is to ensure employees are paid compliantly, on time and accurately.

Do you start to sweat at the end of every month preparing your payroll? Do you wish you could just hand the whole job over to someone else?

At Sprout Consulting, we believe that payroll should not be a headache for small businesses.

  • We have a specialist payroll team, with each individual highly skilled in his/her field.
  • Each team member is up to date on all of the latest payroll laws and requirements.
  • By outsourcing your monthly payroll that takes up your time, you can focus on what you do best for the business.

Performance Management Systems are used by a company to assess and develop employees in order to achieve the company goals. The process makes sure that there is a shared understanding of what needs to be achieved. The company does this by translating the business plans to actions. The company must ensure that Personal Objectives/Targets that are set, contribute to the business plan.